The Lost Children

I always knew there was a disconnection with my location. I knew sunny days brought out the happiness inside of me. There were days when I worshipped the rain simply because it was scorching outside, nevertheless, there was still something strange that made me do it. I couldn't quite place my tiny finger on it. It was something deep inside that was tugging at my soul. I just knew something was strange about my location. I seemed so far away from where I belonged. 

Years later...after growing wiser, the connection that I was detached from had sparked a flame inside of me that engulfed into a burning inferno. What was hidden from me had just been revealed. For hundreds of years I had been lied to. Yes...for hundreds of years. You may think that I am only a few decades old in age based off of my physical appearance; however, I know my spirit is forever more, so as crazy as it may sound...I've been here before. Now, before you go off and sputter out of madness, innerstand my position. I am sure of just who I am, and knowing who I am, I know there are so many  who do not. Well, my position and obligation is to tell you what I know, and in doing so, hopefully you will innerstand just who you are and come home. 

I was born into a time and place where the very essence of me was misunderstood. Was it always like that? No. There was a time in my past where I was at home and surrounded by love. Being born into a place that showed promise, yet was still under the standards of where I once belonged, was a little difficult to get used to...and so, the indoctrination begins. The parents that I came from were great parents...I know you feel a but. But, they really didn't quite innerstand just who I am, needless to say, they were not alone. And because of that I found myself wandering around exploring a lot by myself. This for me was the epitome of freedom, and I loved it. Pause. Remember that So, as I continued to evolve into a being, I noticed so much contrast. Was this my experience or the experiences of others? You may be confused by this point, and if so it's quite alright. The perception of others is often misinterpreted to present what it is they want to see. You see...that is the blessing and lesson of our very existence.  We are gifted the right to choose what we want in this body, and what others experience are only a fraction of what they this body. So, let's talk about where it all began. Are you with me still? Let's travel back in time. Time...the funny thing is...what is it, and how does it exist? 

Do you know the first remains were of a Afrakan (First-Sun-Soul) woman? Right there I know I've lost so many. It's ok. My hope for you is that you come back home to a place of love and innerstanding. The information I'm about to reveal isn't to hurt you. It's to help you. Please know that once I was brought out of the darkness, I too felt conflicted, yet exhilarated. What was taught to me from my descending place was nothing but someone else's twisted perception of what it all means to be here in this body. Before there was hatred, there once was love. Lots and lots of love. The very essence is what built one of the greatest attractions on Earth today, "Akhet Khufu," which translates to "Horizon of Khufu" in English. If you are unfamiliar with that name, you might be familiar with the Pyramid of Giza, a name the Greeks gave it. This being only the beginning of the erosion of the Kemetic culture and spirituality. 

The name given reflected what the Kemites believed. Their belief was that the Akhet Khufu served as a means for Khufu to ascend to the heavens and join the gods in the afterlife, aligning with the Kemites concept of the "nswt-bity or bjtj" nswt meaning kingship. The translation of the word as a whole meant the "Ruler of  Upper and Lower Kemet". This is my interpretation of the phrase, and that is my right to do so...after all isn't that what the Europeans did? Now, if you do your own research, which I suggest always, you may find the phrase translates as "King of Upper and Lower Egypt". 

This way of doing things can be quite confusing being that the Akhet Khufu or Pyramid of Giza, also known as the Great Pyramid, being one of the most great iconic and enduring symbols of ancient Kemet. Constructed over a span of approximately 20 years during the reign of Ruler Khufu in the 26th century BCE. It stands as the largest of the three pyramids on the Giza Plateau, which is a modern day term used to describe the area. The height of Akhet Khufu orginally reaching a height of around 146 meters (481 feet), it was the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years. Made of millions of limestone blocks, each varying in weight from 2.5 to 15 tons. Some of the larger blocks could weigh as much as 80 tons. It's estimated that the total weight of the limestone blocks used in the construction of the Mer, meaning pyramid is around 6 million tons. The precise weight of each block depended on its size and position within the pyramid's structure. I say all of that to say this...if I was on another playing field...meaning lower vibration, I might've stolen the his and her story of the Kemite people too, and made it my own. 

There is so much to uncover when the discussion of past lifetimes come into play. So many are willing to tell the story of my melanated people. The issue I have with that is, how can the story of something that is embedded in the very fiber of our being be told, if they are not connected to that fiber? The conflict that my people have is having to fight for our own right to be...true, and the detriment is my people are looking for someone outside of themselves to set them free. Those are two distinctive parellels that will never meet because they go hand in hand. In order for one to be free, one must first be true. 

What was ripped from us is slowly being recovered and revealed. The question that I asked before has still not been answered...what is time, and how does it exist? We have spent time finding our way back to our very own permanence. Although we have spent it, the stagnation shows little to no movement at all, which again makes me question...time. This life that we are living is only a small fragment of the life that we have lived and will live. The concept of descending to a place that has no recollection of our existence is to say we are not here now. The evidence of that has always and will always show. If I can be carnal for a moment, that is what infuriates me about my people. The fiber that is the makeup of us has been so damaged that some can't recognize its destruction. How have we as a people become so docile? The remnants of us as a people still remains in tact at its core. The agony that is unforeseen is if we lose the direction back home. We,  the lost children have been wandering for over 405 years hoping to find our way. The destination may consist of my people using the Pythagorean Theorem. A formula the Kemites used thousands of years before Pythagoras of Samos even was born. These teachings you will never learn from an European perspective. It is the obligation of my melanated people to teach one another the stories of our ancestors. We have always been a people that translated messages supernaturally. The moment is now for my people to return back to Ntr and connect with who we really are. 

This platform has been designed just for the purposes of that alone. I will teach you what I know, and as I learn I will share. The journey for us has only just begun...although we've been traveling for centuries. Again..there is that thing called time. Journey with me as I take us back to a place that started it all for us...home. Will you journey with me? 

Below, are a few links that will help you on your journey of self-discovery. May you return back to a place of love.

Much love,

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